Twist was built for a more intentional way of working together

On any given team, there can be hundreds of conversations happening at once – spread across inboxes or jumbled together in group chats.

Keeping up with it all is overwhelming. Important information gets lost. Communication suffers.

But Twist is different

Transparent, organized, and respectful of your team’s time and attention

Keep conversations organized, on topic, and easy for anyone to follow

Threads keep discussions organized and accessible to everyone. With one topic per thread, your team can easily keep track of parallel conversations and stay up to date on what’s happening.

Twist makes it remarkably easy to have several conversations about different topics running simultaneously, without losing track of each one.
Wes Cossick CEO at Sparksuite

Make sure everyone – from the CEO to the newest team member – can find the information they need

With clearly titled threads and powerful search, your team will be able to find any topic or decision – even years later. It’s browseable, searchable team knowledge that builds itself.

We now have a place where over 500 of us can exchange information, find any necessary files and collaborate quickly when needed.
Mike Cleveland Founder of Setting Captives Free

Liberate your team from constant interruptions

Threads ensure that conversations won’t move on without you. That means you no longer have to check every little ping to stay in the loop. Disconnect to focus on real work and catch up when you’re ready.

I don’t feel the need to constantly be “online”. Our team uses Twist for deeper, structured communication instead of ad hoc comments on every conceivable topic.
Curt Hasselschwert CTO at Hodi

Better feedback, better decisions, and ultimately better teamwork

Just because we can communicate at the speed of instant messaging doesn’t mean we should. In Twist, people have the time and space to read a thread, think about it, and respond more thoughtfully later.

In Twist, people feel they can respond when they have time, and for complicated conversations they can take time to be more thoughtful and engaged in the conversation.
Lesley McMillan Program Director of A Way Home

Replace 100% of your internal emails and group chats with Twist

disorganized message notification bubbles Compare to Group Chat like Slack or Microsoft Teams


Conversations that won’t get lost

Mindful features for time well spent

  • No online/offline indicators

    No pressure to stay connected all day and respond immediately. Less real-time-all-the-time, more deep work.

  • Notify just the right people

    Twist reduces noise by letting you choose exactly who to notify in each thread or comment.

  • Full control over notifications

    Control over notifications = control over your attention. You decide when to connect to catch up and when to disconnect to focus.

  • Take time off (really off)

    Relax and recharge. Time Off stops your notifications and lets your team know that you’re OOO and when you’ll be back.

Connected to your world

Collaborate with guests

Streamline communication with contractors, freelancers, or consultants by inviting them as guests to specific channels.

Link with the tools you already use

Launch video calls, automate reports, and get updates from apps like GitHub and Todoist — all from inside Twist.

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Built for the challenges of modern work

We built Twist because we believe remote work is the future, and that future requires a higher standard for communication: organized, transparent, and asynchronous.

Keeping track of conversations is even more vital when you aren’t seeing each other in an office every day.
Amir Salihefendic Founder of Doist, Todoist and Twist

Great teamwork starts with great communication.

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