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More meaningful teamwork.

Twist is the communication tool for teams who believe there’s more to work than keeping up with group chat apps.

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Calmer communication

In Twist, threads keep all your conversations clearly separated by topic so replies won’t get buried in an endless stream of group chat. Disconnect to focus on work and catch up when you’re ready.


More productive teamwork

Twist lets you communicate in full thoughts rather than one line at a time. Discuss issues. Share ideas. Get feedback. In short, have the kinds of in-depth, on-topic conversations that really move work forward.

No matter where your team happens to be

Fully distributed across the globe? Collaborate across several offices? Or just work from home when you need?

Twist was built by a remote team for remote teams.

Access conversations from anywhere on any device and communicate asynchronously without missing a beat.

Having multiple discussions at the same time on Slack got confusing; but in Twist everything stays on topic and you don’t lose any context.

Eric Hebert

Owner, Fairly Odd Treasures

We’re a remote team working across multiple timezones. With other chat tools we found ourselves constantly waiting on responses to questions, but in Twist I can find what I’m looking for immediately, and leave a comment for others to view when it’s convenient for them.

Ellen Luccock

Director of Client Relations, The Management Coach

In Twist, new employees are onboarded much more efficiently. They can study a single channel or thread, rather than sort through two hundred emails.

Kevin Bachelder

Director of IT, Ansaphone, Inc

In Twist you feel comfortable throwing ideas out there that can be tackled later because it’s a searchable, central knowledge base, and everything is topic focused. In chat, those same ideas are mentioned, but never actually become anything tangible.

Pablo Torres

Commercial Manager, UtiliRail

Twist’s threads ensure projects move forward, the team is more organized and conversations stay on topic.

Agisilaos Tsaraboulidis

iOS Engineer, Iris

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