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Join over 100,000 teams who have ditched the stress of Slack for the peaceful productivity of Twist.

Real-time chat is suffocating...

Slack is fun at first, but quickly becomes overwhelming. Teams get stuck in never-ending group chats. Information gets buried. Stress is palpable.

...but in Twist,
teams can breathe.

Work flows naturally when you’re not pressured to respond immediately. Twist gives people the space and time to make progress on work that matters.

Twist vs Slack

Convert chaos into calmness

Trade cluttered chats for organized conversations

slack user confused and disorganized

Slack is a mess of content

Multiple topics get jumbled together inside Slack’s Channels. It’s exhausting and time-consuming to follow along. Context gets lost in a matter of minutes.

twist user calm and organized

Twist stays neatly organized

Twist organizes discussions into threads that stay on topic and in context. Information remains neatly structured and easy to find (even years later).

81% of teams report more efficient teamwork after switching to Twist.

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Ditch relentless distractions for focused work

slack user is distracted and overloaded

Slack demands your attention

Group chats quickly move on without you if you aren’t there to constantly monitor them. Diverting your focus to respond immediately becomes the only way to keep up.

twist user and working calmly and quietly

Twist respects it

Twist is asynchronous by default, so your team can finally prioritize focused, productive work without fear of missing something important.

71% of teams report more calm collaboration since they switched to Twist.

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Switch bite-sized Slack-tivity for true transparency

slack ui is full of noisy chats

Information gets buried in Slack

With so much noise in Slack, it's easy to miss important messages. People start defaulting to DMs – today, 70% of Slack usage is private. Knowledge gets siloed and transparency suffers.

twist ui is organized and transparent

Twist preserves team knowledge

Information in Twist is easily discoverable by default. And because the full context of each thread is preserved (forever), it promotes a more transparent culture, greater self-sufficiency, and fewer meetings.

Replace fragmented communication with rich collaboration

slack messages making communication confusing

Conversations fracture in Slack

Slack’s real-time-only nature makes thoughtful conversations nearly impossible. Team communication ends up fracturing further into emails, meetings, and documents.

twist threads keeping conversations organized

In Twist, they flourish

Twist is an all-in-one tool: Threads provide space to troubleshoot tough problems and have in-depth discussions about real work. Direct Messages are convenient for quick questions or just to socialize.

Twist is the top-rated Slack alternative

Twist is the best Slack alternative for teams that prioritize real work

calm, peaceful twist user vs. stressed slack user
Important information gets buried
Discussions stay on-topic & in context
Stressful pressure to respond ASAP
Respond calmly when you're ready
Key conversations get siloed
Information is easily accessible
One line at a time, all the time
Thoughtful conversations thrive in threads

Twist is for people who hate constant notifications

Twist is like Slack without the annoying distractions

Twist offers collaboration without the endless pings and digressions of Slack

Twist is one of the first true alternatives to Slack I've seen

Where do I learn more about Twist?

We invite you to learn about how Twist’s features work and why so many teams already switched. You can also see a short video of Twist in action and revise these handy tips for new teams who are ready to get started.

What pricing plans does Twist offer?

Twist’s Free plan provides 30 days worth of retrievable archives. Twist’s Unlimited plan costs just $5/month/user and provides access to archived content (forever). There are no data storage limits in the Unlimited plan. Learn more and compare our plans.

How do I help my team switch to Twist?

Prior to fully onboarding your team, we suggest reading this step-by-step guide: Goodbye Slack: How to Move Your Team to Twist. When you’re ready to switch your team over to Twist, you can share this useful set of Getting Started Guides with your team members.

Does Twist integrate with other apps?

Yes! Twist already integrates with 15+ other apps including Zapier, GitHub and Todoist. We’re constantly working to add more integrations and welcome any suggestions you may have. In addition, we offer an API for those who are keen to create their own integrations.

Can I import data from Slack?

Yes! You can preserve previous discussions by importing your team’s Channels and Users from Slack or Stride. Learn how here.

Great teamwork starts with great communication.

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