Team messaging that won’t distract you all day

Twist is asynchronous messaging for teams burned out by real-time chat, video calls, and email. Join 450,000+ people who’ve made the radical switch.

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More real work, less busy work

No “I’m available” status bubbles

Without the presumtuous glow of that always-on green dot, there’s no pressure in Twist to respond in the moment.

No stress-inducing notification dots

Take back control from design tricks that hijack your time and attention (and have sadly become the industry standard).

No more need for back-to-back meetings

Replace video calls with threads that keep people up-to-date no matter their schedule or time zone.

Twist lets you communicate on your schedule, not everyone else’s.

Threaded conversations never get buried in chitchat.

Twist threads keep conversations organized and on topic, so there’s no pressure to follow along in real-time. Catch up and chime in on your time.

A noise-free inbox surfaces just what's relevant to you.

Stop scrolling through chatter to find what’s important. Your inbox gathers all the threads you’re part of in one place, to join (and mark done) as you go.

Organized channels let you lurk on discover past topics.

Skim through thread topics inside public channels and dive deep into any conversation — whether it happened last week or last year.

Shareable thread links mean history is learned from, not rehashed.

Already discussed it? Share a link back to the thread with all the preserved context. Twist is a web of team knowledge that builds itself.

Plus all the integrations you’ve come to rely on…

Bring all your apps with you when you switch to Twist. Or go a step further and create your own custom automations.

Browse integrations
  • Todoist
  • Zoom
  • Google Drive
  • GitHub
  • Calendly
  • Zapier

  • Twist is one of the first true alternatives to Slack I've seen
  • Twist is for people who hate Slack's constant notifications
  • Twist is an opinionated tool that helps you focus and keep the team on track
  • Twist offers collaboration without the endless pings and digressions of Slack

Bottom line: You’re free to close Twist

to think

to create

to disconnect

and work will be there, whenever you get back.

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