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Tame chaotic teamwork with Twist

A distraction-free space where teams can balance focused work with collaborative conversations.

All types of communication thrive in Twist

Eliminate your team’s need to spread discussions across email and chat apps by keeping information organized and transparent in Twist.

  1. Channels

    Structure your team’s discussions with topic-specific channels (which can be public or private).

    How Twist’s channels work
  2. Threads

  3. Messages

Twist is the top-rated Slack alternative

While fun at first, Slack can quickly become overwhelming. Twist is a tool for teams that prioritize focused work, structured communication and company-wide transparency.

Discover what makes Twist different

Why forward-thinking teams switch to Twist

  1. More structured communication

    Twist's threads encourage focused discussions on specific subjects. Unlike in messy chat apps, information naturally stays structured and on-topic.

  2. Calm, undistracted teamwork

  3. Company-wide transparency

Over 230,000 people collaborate more calmly and efficiently with Twist

  1. For all team communication + documentation in the same place, @usetwist by @doist is a great option 👍 They’re a big enabler of deep/async work, too.

    Julieanne Kelly

  2. We're asynchronous + remote, and with Slack, conversations and decisions were just getting lost. Twist is awesome with that—it keeps all of our conversations organized in threads by default, making it easy to keep up.

    Wes Wagner

  3. Was recently turned onto @usetwist as a quieter more efficient @slack. Really like their idea of threads in channels to help keep organized & improve workflow, something really missing from Slack as information gets quickly buried and makes my head spin.

    Daniel Butler


The Best Communication App for Distributed Teams – PCMag

Created by a fully remote team of 70+ people in 25+ countries, Twist is built to withstand the unique challenges of modern work.

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