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Going from a strong office culture to an even stronger distributed team

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Gareth Jones – Founder and CEO of Headstart

“Twist weaned us off chat and internal email has literally disappeared. That for me is magic. It allows us to communicate without drowning each other in noise.”

userstory-logo geekymedics

Using async collaboration to bootstrap the world’s biggest medical education startup

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Lewis Potter – Founder and CEO of Geeky Medics

“We’ve gone stretches of six-plus months between having a call, despite us working constantly every week with each other. That just shows the power of Twist’s async messaging.”

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Scaling remote operations fast without getting buried in meetings

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Magda Sowierszenko – Director of Communications and Marketing at Remote-how

“Whatever we’re doing, whatever part of the business is growing, Twist is there to keep us aligned across continents and time zones.”

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Building a passionate volunteer community over 1,000 strong and counting

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Alexis Bourbeau – Director of Literature Community & Audiobook Quality at Learning Ally

“Twist provides structure for the types of communications we want to have. With other tools, communication gets lost in the flood of messages.”

userstory-logo microverse

Embracing radical trust, transparency, and autonomy on a globally distributed team

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Ariel Camus – Founder and CEO of Microverse

“[With Slack] there was a lot of anxiety about ‘I don’t know what I’m missing’, ‘I don’t know which messages apply to me’. When we switched to Twist the results were like night and day.”

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