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Over 450,000 people across thousands of teams have migrated to Twist

  • Twist is one of the first true alternatives to Slack I've seen
  • Twist is for people who hate Slack's constant notifications
  • Twist is an opinionated tool that helps you focus and keep the team on track
  • Twist offers collaboration without the endless pings and digressions of Slack

Built for teams exhausted by Slack

Twist is optimized for deep work and more thoughtful conversations. 81% of teams report being more efficient after switching to Twist.

By a company that won't sell out to the top bidder

Doist is bootstrapped, independent, and will keep our customers' best interests at heart for decades to come. We don’t have an exit strategy.

Twist ensures equal voices across time zones

Twist's threads neatly encapsulate conversations so that important discussions don't get buried while some folks sleep and others work. 76% of teams report being more in sync after switching to Twist.

And unblocks independent workers

Twist’s public-by-default channels allow your teammates to browse, pin-point and act on information without needing to ask someone first.

Twist is the opposite of always-on chat and video calls. It's collaboration on your time.

Focus on one topic at a time

Ditch chaotic, free-flowing Slack chats for Twist's hyper-focused threads. They keep all your team’s discussions on-topic, organized, and easy for anyone to follow.

Overwhelmed by Slack pings? Not in Twist.

Async-friendly threads give you the space to catch up on conversations and respond on your own time, rather than stressing to do so right in the moment. 71% of teams using Twist report calmer collaboration.

Unearth fully intact discussions (even years later).

With threads, folks can read a fully intact conversation, learn why a decision was made, understand the conclusion and keep on working autonomously.

Plus all the integrations you’ve come to rely on…

Bring all your apps with you when you switch to Twist. Or go a step further and create your own custom automations.

Browse integrations
  • Todoist
  • Zoom
  • Google Drive
  • GitHub
  • Calendly
  • Zapier

Thinking about switching?
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Can I import my team’s data from Slack?

Yes! Team Admins can import entire channels (including all messages and file uploads) from Slack into Twist. A new Twist channel will be created for each Slack channel you choose to import. Learn more.

How can I help my team migrate from Slack to Twist?

Evolving the way your team communicates is an incredibly worthwhile challenge. We suggest reading this step-by-step guide: Goodbye Slack: How to Move Your Team to Twist. When you’re ready, you can share this useful set of Getting Started Guides with your team members.

Can I (gasp!) use Slack and Twist together?

If you’re in the process of weaning your team off Slack, you can use Twist’s Slack integration to either convert Slack chats into Twist threads or to create new threads from within Slack. Learn more.

What integrations does Twist offer?

Twist integrates with popular apps like GitHub, Asana, Todoist, Zapier, Zoom and many more. See the full list here, or explore our API.

How does Twist’s pricing compare to Slack’s?

In Twist's free version, you can access up to one month of comments and messages, add up to 5 integrations, invite up to 500 members and have unlimited guests. Slack's free version gives you access to 10,000 messages, 10 integrations, and voice calls.

In Twist's paid version ($5 per user per month), you get unlimited members, integrations, guests, and file storage; plus, access to your team's full comment/message history and priority support. In Slack's paid version, you get the same for a price of $6.67 per user per month.

  • Mike San Román, Buffer
    Twist is a breath of fresh air. We're very bullish about async work and after switching from Slack to Twist we've never looked back.
  • Magda Sowierszenko, Remote-how
    Whatever we’re doing, whatever part of the business is growing, Twist is there to keep us aligned across continents and time zones.
  • Alexis Bourbeau, Learning Ally
    Twist has been helpful in giving us a platform that can handle larger scale communications. Now we can really be global and efficient.
  • Mark Zahra, @wpmayor
    With Twist, our team relationship is calmer, and work progresses at a faster pace since we can better focus on the task at hand.

Made by Doist

Pioneer of async teamwork

In 2015, we designed Twist to solve our own challenges of working across many time zones. We are uncompromisingly convinced that async is the future.

100% remote for 15+ years

Doist has been fully remote since day one (which was way back in 2007). We know first-hand that remote is the better way to work.

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Async work is the future

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