Why switch to Twist?

four people collaborating with a computer

We asked thousands of team leaders who already have. Here’s what they said…

This is why they won’t turn back

81% say their teamwork is more efficient

We manage too many people to constantly be searching for stuff

In Twist, we waste less time and lose fewer conversations. Everyone loves that our team communication is finally organized and in one place.
chelle weech consulting uses twist for team communication


CEO of Chelle Weech Consulting

Why Chelle Switched

78% say team communication is calmer

Twist shows more respect for my team’s time and attention

Switching from Slack was surprisingly easy. Collaborating in Twist is a lot less stressful because it’s designed to help people do deep, focused work.
richard designer at balance uses twist for team communication


Designer at Balance

Why Richard Switched

76% say they’re more in sync

Now that we’re using Twist, we’re much more connected

As a remote team, we’re still tightly connected. Twist’s focus on mindful team communication allows us to collaborate delightfully with ease and clarity.
daniel from kgm theatrical uses twist for team communication


President of KGM Theatrical

Why Daniel Switched

78% of teams who switched to Twist use less email, 67% rely less on group chat

We’re no longer scrolling through long email chains

Conversations and information quickly gets buried in email inboxes, but not in Twist. Now, our team communication is clearly visible and neatly organized.
keisha from p31 publications uses twist for team communication


Owner of p31 Publications

Why Keisha Switched

My team switched to @usetwist and it’s been a game changer

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